What is the Difference between Rugby League and Rugby Union?

league vs union

Rugby is extremely famous sport that is recognized for its intense brutality and action scenes. This type of sport became a paying sport in 1890s. Rugby was played first within the US in 1874 and the games were McGill against Harvard. It stayed well-liked by many Americans until the year 1924, when the time it was already been cut on the Olympics.

However, rugby is classified into two major codes, it is the rugby League and the Rugby Union. Even though there are countless similarities between these two variations of rugby, still the differences are announced enough that these two codes can be considered not the same games.

A taste of history

The split on the disciplines happened for the first time in the 1890’s by the time some Northern clubs made the decision that they must start to pay players who already missed their work in order to play. The Rugby Football Union or the RFU who disqualified any compensation for players did not agree this action, and thus those Northern clubs choose to break away and create their own sporting group.

Even though compensation was allowed to player on the Rugby League, the Rugby Union was not totally professionalized after 100 years. Now, payments are allowed to both athletes from the different codes.

What is the difference?

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The Correct Way to Dress when Playing Rugby

rugby jerseys

Rugby is said to be one of the most aggressive sports unlike any other sports we have today. Compare to other contact sports, especially football, players of rugby wear a least amount of gear. Ruggers, as what rugby players were called, significantly wear the same piece of gear and equipment worldwide. There have no helmets and pads, just cleats, uniforms and mouth guards. Such items are very vital elements of rugby, both culturally and functionally.

Following is the list of the things that is essential for rugby player during a game.


Rugby player wears the same to the jerseys of soccer players; except from that they normally have collars. This is conventionally made from cotton, however might be made from other materials. The usual jersey is made with heavy cotton fabric in order to hold the players from tugging and pulling the shirt. The modern type of rugby jersey is from cotton that is blended with polyester, lightweight that is much strong to handle the roughness of the game.

The jerseys are more likely to be colourful, showing the emblem or colours of the country or team. The number of the player is printed in large font that is located at the back of the jersey. The number aids to recognize the player as well as his position. As a rule, a rugger must tuck tier jersey to their shorts throughout the game.


Of course, rugby players wears shorts and this are shorts that are stiff that is known as scrum shorts. They are more durable and less stretchy to hold the tear and wear of grabbing and tackling. These shorts are usually end above the knee and don’t have any pockets. Scrum shorts are tightly fit around the waste of the player to avoid them from being pulled down.

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5 Fun Facts about Ruby

Rugby fun facts

Rugby is one of the most fun, exciting, and thrilling sports to play. This was named after the Rugby School, a place where this sport was initially played. This has been invented way back in the year 1823, in which William Webb Ellis take the ball when he was playing football as the school, and then rush towards the goal carrying the ball. Even though there are many speculations and doubts regarding this kind of event actually happened, William Webb Ellis himself still remembered as the greatest inventor of this kind of sport and winner of Ruby Union World Cup. This is mainly played every four years and primarily receives Webb Ellis Cup.

If you are a rugby player, you are probably aware on the different facts and information about this sport. If you want to know more about rugby, below are the five fun facts that you should know and would definitely arouse your own curiosity about this sport.

Fun Fact 1

Are you not wondering what the real shape of rugby ball is? Is it an oval? Richard Lindon who mainly fashion the ball out of the hand-stitched leader that is casing the blabbers of the pig made the very first rugby balls that were used in playing this sport. The bladder of the pig naturally take the oval shape. Sound’s edible, right? If you are not yet convinced when it comes to the real shape of rugby ball, you can get one and be the one to speak for yourself and be amazed on what the result would be.

Fun Fact 2

The very first time when a national anthem was sung mainly before a certain sporting event simultaneously happened before the rugby game. It was the time when the New Zealand danced the Haka before the beginning on the rugby game. Haka is the traditional war dance that is sometimes considered as the attempt in order to intimidate their own position. It was on November 16 in the year 1905 when they played Wales, which was happened at the Cardiff Arms Park. Right after the New Zealand performed the Haka before the match began, Wales on the other hand responded by means of singing their own Welsh national anthem the “Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau”. The crowd started to notice what was happening, and then later on joined in. In today’s rugby games, before the sporting of major events, it is in the tradition to sing the national anthems for countries that are being represented.

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